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Bhoga; a deliberate, conscious experience; 

Welcome to Bhoga Yoga, a new paradigm in the use of yoga as therapy. 
Pain and dis-ease are often caused by unresolved experiences and stressors
that we are no longer aware of.  The human body has an amazing capacity
to store these stressors and past emotional experiences in its tissues until
we are ready to face them.  At some point however, if not addressed,
the tissues become overloaded and pain, discomfort and illness begin to
    At Bhoga Yoga, we use yoga therapy and Thai yoga therapeutic massage
in combination with standard yoga classes to work with you and your body. 
The goal is to rediscover your body's optimal allignment while reducing
the tensions trapped in the tissues.  With an optimal allignment, the body
begins to slowly free itself from its tightness and contractedness,
reducing pain and discomfort and creating freedom and mobility.

Yoga in Rosemère with Barbara-Anne Hutchinson at Bhoga Yoga